The Power of an Introduction

If you have ever been asked to present outside of your direct sphere of influence, you have experienced the nerves that erupt as you walk in to an unknown environment. Questions begin to run through your mind. Will they respect me? Do they care what I have to share? Is my content good enough? These moments of questioning can quickly lead to doubt which can hinder your ability to deliver an excellent presentation. At Ethos3, we have spent countless hours digging to the root of this insecurity so ...
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Do Colors and Shapes Matter When You Choose New Doors and Windows?

If you’re looking to beautify your home right away, changing your windows and doors might be a very good idea. This is an exciting premise and at the same time you have quite a lot of options to think about too. But you do need to be smart about this approach, you need to fully focus on quality and value, all while sticking to your budget. Selecting the right colors Once you realize that you want new windows and doors, then you have to think about colors, styles and so on. You first need to m...
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Building Brands—And A Business—Through Laser Cutting

The Huia Nest Maps Out A Successful Business Through Custom Tags, Signs, Maps And More When Sarah Silk went on maternity leave with her second son, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to return to her corporate job in environmental regulation, but not bringing in any income wasn’t an option. So she began brainstorming ideas for a business she could operate from home around her children’s schedules. “I stumbled across laser cutting and thought I could create some really beautiful and original pieces,” ...
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Khalid Launches Music and Fine Arts Foundation for Communities in Need

“The Free Spirit singer announced the launch of The Great Khalid Foundation in El Paso on May 10th: a music and fine arts organization that aims to help underserved communities. The website for the foundation says its goal is to foster ‘an atmosphere of support and freedom for kids to dream BIG! Through our music education programs, scholarship awards, and gift giveaways we are investing in our children and in their future.'” – Rolling Stone
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How One Teacher Uses Dance to Combat Memorial Day Weekend Gun Violence in Chicago

“Memorial Day is notoriously one of Chicago’s bloodiest weekends. Last year, 36 people were shot and seven died that weekend. In 2017 and 2016, the number of shootings was even higher. When Garley ‘GiGi Tonyé’ Briggs, a dance teacher and Chicago native, started noticing this pattern, she was preparing her second annual Memorial Day workshop for local youth. … So Briggs, who also has a master’s in health care administration, decided to refocus her workshop. Now called #Dance4OurLives, the expand...
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Dancing to a new tune

“A [dance instruction] programme in Stockton-on-Tees has helped young people excluded from mainstream schools learn new skills, develop self-worth and show others what they can achieve.” – Arts Professional
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How Auction Houses Can Improve the Ways They Describe Non-Western Art

“Despite museums’ well-meaning (but not always successful) efforts to adjust their tones and practices to 21st-century standards, auction houses continue to present African artifacts through a Eurocentric lens, often glossing over an artifact’s original context while foregrounding its connections to Western artists and collectors.” – Artsy
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Bike designs that will make you want to go eco-friendly!

Bicycles are the most eco-friendly mode of transport ever designed by humans as is possible, especially for smaller traveling distances in city life. It is a vehicle that creates zero emissions while keeping you healthy and with the addition of electric motors, they have added an element of ease or comfort to the cycling experience. The bicycle’s unique yet simple design works with its basic setup, but designers have spent a lot of time creating variations of the humble bicycle that will add fea...
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Diversity beyond visible representation

“There is growing presence, visibility and representation of [Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic] artists, as well as a vision that they should be part of the mainstream. … However, we now need to move beyond visible representation to look at who is commissioning, directing, producing and programming the work of BAME artists.” – Arts Professional
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The history of Spikey, the Wolfram logo

It's a 2d projection of a rhombic hexecontahedron, first generated by Mathematica's namesake programming language back in the 1980s, when it was as damned close to magic as anything in computer science. Spikey is one of my favorite logos. They went through many variations with many products, inspired by renaissance drawings and a vast selection of other influences, on their way to the one you see here, which was originally devised for Wolfram Alpha. Founder Stephen Wolfram: And that’s when I ...
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Sphinx Organization Announce $100,000 MPower Artist Grant Recipients

“The Sphinx Organization, a US non-profit organization dedicated to the development of young American Black and Latin classical musicians, has today announced the 16 recipients of the 2019 MPower Artist Career Grants.” – The Violin Channel
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‘Free Our Mothers, Uncuff Our Communities’: Formerly Incarcerated Women Sell Art to End Cash Bail

“[Latyra] Blake and her collaborators made the artworks as part of Women in Reentry, a project of the People’s Paper Co-op. Together, they’ve spent months learning to make paper from their own shredded criminal records, coming up with sayings that reflect their experiences behind bars, and then collaborating with artists across the country to turn their words and images into art. And from art into action. Now, these works are on sale to raise money to bail out other Philadelphia area women for ...
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[Podcast] Jacob Cass on Giant Thinkers discussing Design Process, Networking, Travel & Passive Income

Join Ram “The Giant Thinker” Castillo and I as we discuss design, blogging, travel and so much more. Ram is an award winning Design Director, Blogger, top ranking Podcaster, Speaker, Instructor and Author of two internationally acclaimed books, How to get a job as a designer, guaranteed and How to get a mentor as a designer, guaranteed. Some of the topics we spoke about include: Introvert-proof ways to network How to grow and generate passive income through blogging How he fin...
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‘The Alpha’ — A Golden Eagle Painting by Borbay

The story goes… a Bald Eagle swooped into the lagoon on the 9th at Teton Springs, snagging a big ol’ fish. Euphoria… until, our Golden Eagle pounces and robs the scaled delight. Battered, our nation’s symbol sulked into the woods (to shag my long-lost Pro VX). And so, when speaking with Tony and Carrie Snoey …
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NYTimes Executive Editor: Most Local Newspapers Will Die Within Five Years

Dean Baquet: “The greatest crisis in American journalism is the death of local news . . . I don’t know what the answer is. Their economic model is gone. I think most local newspapers in America are going to die in the next five years, except for the ones that have been bought by a local billionaire.” – Fast Company
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Artur Sadlos

Artur Sadlos is a concept artist, designer, art director and photographer, working primarily in the gaming industry. His concept art often has an appealing playfulness in the lighting, with sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic lighting effects in key parts of the composition. It is also often nicely textural, particularly in his rendering of stone and rock. In addition to the work visible on his website, Instagram and Twitter feeds, you can also find prints on his society6 page.  
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Artist installs nature-inspired tiny house made out of recycled glass and plastic in Times Square

Brooklyn-based artist Fernando Mastrangelo has combined his passion for art and sustainability into one gorgeously green tiny home. The artist, who is known for using unique materials in his work, has just unveiled Tiny Home, a “recycled tiny house sculpture” made out of recycled plastic and glass. The 175-square foot home, which comes complete with a garden-filled courtyard, is currently open to the public in New York’s Times Square. According to Mastrangelo, the design for the 175-square-fo...
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Montalba Architects' Bex & Arts pavilion is an evocative little box

This portable pavilion has a clever lightweight structure where the bookshelves hold up the roof.
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Cloud Chair

Comfortable leather chair designed by Yonder Magnetik looks like a soft cloud. SNOBAR cloud chair made by Nebojsa Gornjak and Natasa Vukosavljevic. Also check out: Cloud Shaped Chai
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The Ultra-Safe, Semi-Autonomous Concept: Mercedes-Benz 2019 ESF

Insight into what designers and engineers are doing to make driving safer While the entire automotive industry shifts its attention toward autonomy and electrification, it’s important to remember that the keystone to a successful automotive brand is the safety of its vehicles—whether they be higher-capability autonomous rides or fully-electric hypercars. To remind consumers and industry members that the safety of the passengers precedes all else, Mercedes-Benz …
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A Crossroads For The Oregon Shakespeare Festival

The nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit repertory theater company is at a pivotal moment, with change at the top and challenges everywhere. It’s bringing in its first new artistic director in 12 years and preparing to start a search for a new executive director. It’s coming off a smoke-plagued 2018 season that ended with 26 outdoor performances either canceled or moved indoors, $2.3 million in losses and 16 layoffs.  – The Oregonian
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Kim Gordon, Glenn Ligon, Olivia Marciano Among New Board Appointments at LAXART

Kim Gordon, Zenas Hutcheson, Glenn Ligon, Olivia Marciano and Conor O’Neil have been named to the board of the nonprofit art space LAXART in Los Angeles. “I’m simply giddy—humbled, honored, inspired all at once. These new members heighten our dynamism,” Hamza Walker, LAXART’s director, said in a statement. “Whereas Gordon and Ligon are seminal figures (read rock […]
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Apple Finally Did the Right Thing (Sort of)

About a week ago, the “a” key on my MacBook Pro broke. Once flat and useful, the poor little guy now looks like a mini ski slope and barely works. Several of my friends have similar keyboard problems on their overpriced laptops. So it felt like a relief earlier today when Apple announced an expansion of Keyboard…Read more...
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Upon Further Consideration: Maybe New Plans For LACMA Aren’t So Bad

Justin Davidson: “I, too, joined the scoffer’s chorus when the latest designs emerged in March, but the longer I’ve spent studying these paltry materials and pacing the site, the more promise I feel the project has.” – New York Magazine
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Comedy’s A Tricky Act. It’s All About The Context (And The Audience)

Comedy poses a threat to sovereign power not only because of its anarchic bent, but because it makes light of such momentous matters as suffering and death, hence diminishing the force of some of the judicial sanctions that governing classes tend to keep up their sleeve. – Commonweal
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Best-Selling Big-Idea Books Riddled With Errors – Should They Be Better Than Random Tweets?

“The time has come for those of us who work in book-length nonfiction to insist that professional fact-checking become as inalienable from publishing as publicity, marketing and jacket design — and at the publisher’s expense rather than as a cost passed on to the author, who, understandably, will often choose to spend her money on health care. In the age of tweets, it cannot be the fate of the book to become ever more tweetlike — maybe factual, maybe whatever. The book must stand apart, must st...
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How Art Became Prestige Currency For The Rich

Michael Shnayerson’s new book, Boom: Mad Money, Mega Dealers, and the Rise of Contemporary Art argues that contemporary art, once a thing artists made and dealers tried (unsuccessfully) to sell, has become a form of fiat currency for the very rich. – Bloomberg
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Meet 'Blade', the world's first 3D-printed hypercar

At first glance, any motorhead would be head over heels for Blade — a sleek sportscar with shimmery deep magenta facade. The aerodynamicity of the car is obvious from its low, curved volume. Yet, this isn’t just any supercar that has just hit the market. Created by San Francisco-based startup Divergent Microfactories, Blade’s chassis was entirely 3-D printed. 3D printing is already revolutionizing the manufacturing process around the world. Printing in 3D makes products such as furniture, jewe...
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Bike Bag

Made in Colorado from 1000D Cordura® and 400D nylon, this Topo Designs bike bag is made to be strapped to your handlebars, but doubles as a mini tote. Weatherproof all the way down to its waterproof zipper, the nifty triangle-shaped bag will hold bike tools, as well as a couple small items. With a secret interior pocket and daisy-chain webbing on the outside (making attaching …
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Nomura Emerging Artist Award Goes to Cheng Ran and Cameron Rowland

Artists Cheng Ran and Cameron Rowland have been awarded the newly launched Nomura Emerging Artist Award, with each of them receiving $100,000.  “It is extraordinary and admirable that Nomura has based this award program on the concepts of change and challenge,” Kathy Halbreich, a member of the prize’s jury and the executive director of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation said. […]
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