AO On-Site – New York: The 2019 Whitney Biennial, May 17–Sep 22, 2019

Nicole Eisenman, via Art Observed Following a wild few weeks between New York and Venice, the pace of the art world has slowed somewhat, and the big apple has had a moment to catch its breath, opening the doors on this year’s edition of the Whitney Biennial.  Often described as a snapshot of art in the United States, the Biennial […]
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Pure Fun Typography on Billboards - Songs And The City series

Pure Fun Typography on Billboards - Songs And The City series AoiroStudioMay 21, 2019 Feeling the 90s nostalgia on this one! Kae aka Hello This Is Kae is an art director based in Berlin, Germany. Her series: Songs And The City is a purely fun typographic endeavor to turn 80s/90s hits into visuals. Simple as that, but these pieces are amusing and you truly do start whispering the songs yourself. Most of us are from that era and these songs are timeless! We are...
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This one single desktop device can 3D Print, laser engrave, and CNC machine.

Practically every prototyping tool you’d ever need exists within the realm of the Snapmaker 2.0. In its second, more expansive, open, and fine-tuned iteration, the guys at Snapmaker have put together an absolute prototyping powerhouse that literally takes up not more than a square that measures 3×3 feet. The modular device can be built to run as a 3D Printer, a Laser Engraver/Cutter, and even a 3 or even 4 Axis CNC Machine. The Snapmaker 2.0 isn’t a product as much as it’s an eco-system… a set...
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Funding Cuts Force UK Theatres To Earn More Of Their Budgets

The most recent annual survey data from NPOs found they continued to make more of their own income through ticket sales and other activity in 2017/18, with earned income representing 55% of total revenue and generating £889.6 million. This represented a 4.8% increase on the previous year. – The Stage
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Green Leaf Nail Cover

Nature inspired leaf nail covers transform nails into beautiful green leaves. Leaf nail covers designed by Jeong Hwa Jin. Create the illusion of new life growing from your walls by covering nails with leaves. Also check out: Leaf Cable Ties
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Solar-powered Ring House heals a scarred hilltop landscape in Greece

On the southern coast of Crete, Greek architectural firm decaARCHITECTURE has turned a commission for a modern residence into an opportunity for land preservation. Named the Ring House for its rounded shape, the house was created to follow the existing topography and looks like an extension of its hilltop location. The site had been scarred by environmentally insensitive infrastructural development but has now recovered its original morphology and has been replanted with native flora. Located...
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Have Music Copyright Suits Gotten Out Of Hand?

There’s been a surge in copyright claims ever since Marvin Gaye’s family sued Robin Thicke over the single Blurred Lines in 2015. “The odds of getting sued in this day and age are so high, we’re going to get to a point where nobody can write anything – because everything will be derivative of something else. – BBC
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You know what’s better than a sliding smartphone camera? A detachable one.

I’ll be honest. Sliding cameras are a no-go for me. Here’s why I hate them. Their biggest justification is that sliding cameras create a bezel-less experience, and I honestly don’t have a problem with bezels. A small Samsung S9-style brow and a chin look perfectly fine on a smartphone (I say this as a consumer, not as a design journalist). The other things I hate about sliding cameras are that they catch dust, their presence prevents the phone from being waterproof, and you can’t really put a pr...
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Researcher & Consultant to the Arts Sector

Webb Management Services is on the hunt for a new full-time, NYC-based team member to help develop feasibility studies, business plans, and strategic plans for arts facilities and organizations, as well as other related types of research and project-specific work. We are a leading provider of advisory services for the development and operation of cultural facilities, organizations, agencies, and districts. We are a small, collaborative, family-friendly firm of four full-time employees base...
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A NY City Ballet Star Returns – Unannounced And Under A Cloud

Brian Siebert: “In short, this rushed, business-as-usual reintroduction of Amar Ramasar won’t do, though I understand the company’s desire to downplay it.”  – The New York Times
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High court won’t hear Nazi-plundered painting case from Pasadena’s Norton Simon Museum

WASHINGTON  — The Supreme Court is leaving in place a ruling that favors the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena in a dispute over ownership of two German Renaissance masterpieces seized by the Nazis in World War II. The high court on Monday declined to get involved in the case, leaving in place lower court rulings. A federal appeals court ruled in 2018 for Pasadena’s Norton Simon Museum of Art, blocking a lawsuit over ownership of “Adam” and “Eve.” The paintings are by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Mare...
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Harry Fonesca’s “Coyote Leaves the Res” at The Autry

Playful, personal and political—a chronologically displayed collection of the beloved artist's work Artist Harry Fonseca‘s work may look familiar—even if viewers have never seen it before. There’s an element of recent nostalgia underlining his work; a late 20th century charm that straddles traditional folk, pop and contemporary native art styles. His playful yet meticulous use of bright colors and bold patterns permeate the new show …
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RUSSIA- ART | HISTORY | CULTURE, August 25 to September 6, 2019, Twelve Days, Five Star, ALL INCLUSIVE

Experience the breath-taking splendor, art and history that is Russia on our legendary, once a year, Russian art tour. We are one of America’s premier experts on Russian art and have been taking small groups on personalized intimate tours to Russia since 1992. Experience the breath-taking splendor, beauty, art and history that is Russia on our legendary, once a year, Russian art tour. We are one of America’s premier experts on Russian and Soviet art and have been taking small groups on p...
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The Pop-Up Instagrammable Experience: Is It Art?

“This is a sign of the times. Artists are understanding what audiences or the sponsors are drawn to and are looking for. They are looking for it to go viral or become an icon of that moment.” – Toronto Star
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Turning On Ourselves: Indictment Of Humanities In Higher Ed Can Be Ugly, Unfair

“It’s one thing to own the ugly feelings with which one is understandably and unjustly riddled after years of hanging on by the fingernails while applying for job after job, only to be ghosted by the search committees who pronounce judgment. But it’s quite another to wield those feelings as a weapon against people who are also marginalized.” – Chronicle of Higher Education
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The Internet Can Connect Us To Unspeakable Horrors. Can That Be Good For Us?

“The idea that being a decent person involves controlling the kinds of thoughts you allow yourself to think can easily be met with resistance. If virtue depends on limits to what is thinkable, and a certain free-thought ideal celebrates no limits, then the potential conflict between freethinking and virtue is obvious.” – Aeon
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India will surpass Paris Agreement pledges with renewable energy investment

The Indian government has embarked on many large scale renewable energy projects that are predicted to enable the world’s second most populous country to surpass its commitment to cut carbon emissions. According to a recently released report from Moody’s, 45 percent of all energy produced in India will be from non-fossil fuel sources by 2022. This is impressive, considering India only committed to 40 percent non-fossil fuel sources under the international Paris Agreement in 2015. Although coal ...
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Take! Bamboo Chair

Made in Japan, Snow Peak’s Take! chair is a six-pound, collapsible seat that’s easy to transport on all your summer adventures. Constructed from laminated bamboo and aluminum, it’s lightweight but still sturdy—and that goes for canvas seat covering too. Available in two sizes.
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Breezy home in Mexico uses strategic cross ventilation and natural light to reduce its energy use

RDLP Arquitectos have unveiled Casa Puebla, a beautiful family home that incorporates traditional Mexican design with modern passive features. The stunning project features a contemporary shell over two rectangular volumes clad in raw concrete, paying homage to the tilework found in traditional Mexican constructions. The design features several passive design elements, including cross ventilation, natural light and sun shades, all of which reduce the home’s energy needs. According to the archi...
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New Financing, New Partners: Woodstock 50 Is On Again?

Perhaps. The music festival, planned to commemorate the iconic original fifty years ago, has been plagued by financing and organizational issues. But after a favorable court ruling and new partners, organizers say it’s on again. – New York Magazine
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Musicals I … (fill in the blank)

Here is a real meme, plucked from the Web over the weekend, filled out, and posted solely for your amusement. – Terry Teachout
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Recent Listening: Zeitlin Remembers Davis

Denny Zeitlin Solo Piano: Remembering Miles – Doug Ramsey
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The Good Knife

I’d never had a knife in my life like the new nakiri. It was crackling sharp (though not for long), but something else made it exceptional: the calm ease with which the knife held my hand, as well as the uncanny confidence it gave me. Once the blade came within range of a leek or rolling radish, it knew what to do. – Jeff Weinstein
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This rotating-top-inside-a-top is making my head spin!

Perhaps the most interesting thing to happen to tops since the Beyblade (perhaps more interesting than the Beyblade itself), this is the Topsy Turvy Top, conceptualized and designed by Lee Krasnow, and shown off in the video above by avid YouTuber, Michael Stevens. The way the top works is rather interesting. The design contains an outer and an inner top. Get the outer top to spin and the inner top spins too, because it’s being held by the outer top. Now flip the outer top over and stop its sp...
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Transcending The Biological: Consider The Pointe Shoe

“Pointe shoes are a strangely enduring anachronism that epitomises the enduring desire for ballerinas to embody the unnatural, to portray an illusion. And their intention as a tool to evoke ethereal beings is in direct contrast with their actual biological impact on very real humans.” – Aeon
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Post Modern Architectural Cakes By A Fashion Designer Turned Baker

A.R.D. Bakery is a London based cake design studio specialising in bespoke cakes and chocolates with a unique, graphic style. More: A.R.D. Bakery, Instagram “A.R.D. Bakery is the creation of designer Alison Dunlop. Originally graduating from the Sculpture degree at Glasgow School of Art, I then moved into fashion accessories, studying at London College of Fashion Cordwainers then completing... Source
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Hirshhorn Garden Redesign Profiled in NYT

The NYT looks at the redesign of the Hirshhorn Museum Gardens and the plans in place for Hiroshi Sugimoto to rework the design. “This is what we’re seeing again and again,” says . Charles Birnbaum, the founder and president of the Cultural Landscape Foundation. “It’s really about having more open spaces to accommodate more people and more […]
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NYT Profiles Robert Mnuchin

The NYT has a piece on Robert Mnuchin this week, following the dealer’s winning bid on a $91 million Jeff Koons that made the work the most expensive price for a living artist. “It was an intense business,” he says of his past career at Goldman Sachs. “It was very competitive and I was successful at building relationships with serious […]
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MOCA to Move Towards Free Admission

Following a $10 million donation by MOCA board president, Carolyn Clark Powers, the LA Museum is planning to eliminate general ticket fees. “I think many of us are at a point where we understand that museums should not be ivory towers,” Klaus Biesenbach says. “MOCA should feel like a public library where you can go and […]
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