YD’s top 10 entries from the #renderweekly razor challenge

If you’re an industrial designer who hasn’t heard of Render Weekly, stop everything you’re doing and head down to their website to have a look at the community of designers and render-artists who come together week after week to showcase their talents in modeling and rendering. The idea is simple. Render Weekly suggests a product every week, and you have a week to upload your work on Instagram with the hashtag #renderweekly. The best designs get picked and showcased on Render Weekly’s Instagram ...
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Jeff George's new Pencil Storage

This is about a new pencil storage system for his art studio - devised by Jeff George CPSA, one of the the USA's leading coloured pencil artists. Like others, he got inspiration for a new system... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Tulips and Apples

Tulips and Apples  Oil on wood, 10" x 8,"  $410. The simplest items can be so fascinating to paint.  It's been a while since I focused on painting the floral still life. It's both a steep learning curve and ...the cat's ass. (I crack me up, lol.) [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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Reader Submitted: MAGEN: Imagining the Future of Emergency Rescue Systems

After serving as a project manager in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for three years, Dan had experienced, how, in the line of duty, every second counts. Working alongside combat medics and EMTs, he understood how these overlooked rescuers were standing in the way of danger, when providing life-saving treatment, with inefficient medic bags and obstructive safety gear. It was then, as a student at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where he and his colleague, Shivin, a business-oriented m...
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State Of The Art: Survey Of 300 Art Critics Illuminates A Field In Profound Change

In such moments, visual literacy, news literacy, social justice, global politics, and art become part of a rapidly moving whole that arts writers and critics contribute to and respond to. With audiences speaking so directly to art institutions, this raises questions about what the role of arts journalists can and should be. – Nieman
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Stay Connected: How to Follow Up After Presentation Day

You have just delivered a knockout presentation. Your audience, excited to take the next step, is lining up to talk with you. You’ve talked to a lot of people and collected a lot of contact information before heading back to your office to crash. The day comes and goes, and you are left wondering what to do with everything you have collected. When it comes to excellent presentations, the work does not stop when you leave the audience. In fact, it is at this point that the hard work starts, becau...
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Too Distracting? English National Opera To Cut Back On Supertitles

The opera company said the move had been prompted by a desire to “give audiences even more choice in the new season”, which will be announced in April. “This confirms ENO’s commitment to singing English, and allows those who find the use of surtitles distracting an opportunity to see an opera without their use,” chief executive Stuart Murphy said. – The Stage
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Celebrating Cocktail Culture Through the Ages at Bibo Ergo Sum

A new three-part menu divides drinks into eras at this LA bar While seated with Bibo Ergo Sum owner Tait Forman and general manager Daniel Zacharczuk, at a table of glistening drinks, we looked around the glamorous, comfortable room with new eyes. Bibo (as it’s referred to) evokes the cinematic style of a classic art deco bar in Paris or Hollywood, but the goal of …
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Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #13: March 2019 editorial

Last week, we lost our car. Seven years, and jointly, mine and my partner’s first car, and the vehicle that enabled this paper to be distributed around the region. We live nowhere near the centre of Liverpool, so getting in is difficult at the best of times, and getting in without Fred, the Fiesta, has […] The post Art in Liverpool Magazine, issue #13: March 2019 editorial appeared first on
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Supreme Court will make historic Clean Water Act ruling

This Fall, the Supreme Court will make a monumental decision on whether the Clean Water Act prohibits groundwater pollution. The upcoming case is in response to a 2018 verdict in Hawaii, which ruled that a wastewater facility needed a Clean Water Act permit to inject treated wastewater into ground wells. The ruling will have national implications about what constitutes direct water pollution with two possible and controversial outcomes: either creating a massive loophole for major polluters or ...
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Ideas: The Mythology Of Paris And What Made It Great

The major thing is that the Paris myth, in some sense, creates its own death through saturation of believers. The truly exceptional people that came to Paris pave the way for the rest of us, but, their being truly exceptional, in some way, is what made the Paris we chase in our minds what it was. – The Smart Set
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This tiny box instantly transforms into an emergency wheelchair/stretcher when needed

This easy-to-stow collapsible wheelchair also becomes a stretcher when needed. At the simple push of a button, the Emergency Wheelchair transforms from a small suitcase-sized box to a wheelchair. The backrest and leg rest can be further adjusted to turn into a stretcher that can be maneuvered around using the small wheels at the base.Designed for every conceivable scenario and engineered to make sure it effectively works in all conditions, the wheelchair is made of a magnesium alloy, high-streng...
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Philadelphia Flower Show 2019 - Expertise

The big, designed landscapes are always the premier attraction at the show, but there are also annual attractions that showcase the expertise of amateur horticulturists and others. Here are some of this year's winners: click on images to enlarge Interiorscape: As the judges noted, "Execution of intent hits the mark... [Author: Jane Berger]
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U Of Chicago President Says Trump’s Threats To Universities Over Limiting Speech Is A “Grave Error”

“I believe that any action by the executive branch that interferes with the ability of higher-education institutions to address this problem themselves is misguided and in fact sets a very problematic precedent,” Robert J. Zimmer wrote. – Chronicle of Higher Education
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Why The University Of California Has Taken A Stand Against One Of The Largest Academic Publishers

Elsevier still made $1.17 billion in publishing in 2017, which is precisely the problem, according to its critics. At its loftiest, academic publishing is supposed to be about disseminating hard-won knowledge. But publishers charge hefty subscription fees, making that knowledge often inaccessible to researchers at all but the wealthiest institutions. Last year, the University of California paid Elsevier $11 million. – The Atlantic
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Design Job: Incoming Call: Motorola Solutions is Seeking an Industrial Designer in Sunny Florida

Department Description What is 28Labs? 28Labs is the Chief Technology Office and innovation engine for Motorola Solutions. We are user-focused and outcome-driven, identifying problems and creating solutions based on research and engagement with our customers. Considering our customers' unique "jobs to be View the full design job here
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Why Do We Need A Festival Of Music By Women?

“The statistics offer an eloquent answer. In the 2014-2015 season, only 1.8 percent of the music performed by the top 22 American orchestras was by women, according to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. For the coming season of 2019-2020, the Institute for Composer Diversity at the State University of New York has surveyed 40 American orchestras and seen a slightly better number of 6.5 percent — perhaps reflecting a degree of consciousness-raising in the past few years, as well as a larger pool ...
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This Plunger Fills a Tall Order for Bathroom Mess

Every once in awhile, the design industry gets clogged with "new innovations," overflowing with technologies that are revised every year and yet, the products that need revision the most get the toilet seat closed on top of them and overlooked. Savannah, Georgia-based design studio Donttakethisthewrongway was eager to lift the lid on one of these objects—the plunger—to give an unfashionable technology revision it deserves. So, they designed a plunger with the ergonomics of a shovel. All photogra...
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The (Mostly Forgotten) Power of Vernacular Design

This simple woodworking clamp was developed thousands of years ago from a tree branch. Modern manufacturing methods made the tool less effective. How do you fix that? If you want to get serious about your rock 'n' roll, it's not enough to get your inspiration from the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. To really understand the musical form, you need to listen to what the Stones listened to. You, my friend, need to spin some records from blues legend Robert Johnson.The same goes with design. It's si...
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How to Create the Perfect Core77 Design Awards Entry

Receiving an Honor in the Core77 Design Awards takes a little more than just an exceptional design project- it requires turning that exceptional project into an entry that will grab the jury's attention. With Regular pricing coming to a close on March 7th, there is still plenty of time to submit your best work in a way that thoroughly impresses the jury and helps you stand out from your competition.View the full content here
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Night thoughts about André Previn

The obituaries for André Previn were respectful, even admiring, in a way that they wouldn’t have been had he died a quarter-century ago. It took a very long time for Previn to be fully accepted by the classical-music establishment, … – Terry Teachout
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More From The Late Ed Bickert, With Paul Desmond

Here is a piece from the 1975 Paul Desmond Quartet album Live, recorded at Bourbon Street in Toronto in 1975. – Doug Ramsey
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Roger Wood's latest haul of wheeled, steampunk clocks

Roger Wood (previously), the bonkers steampunk assemblage clock sculptor, just sent this to his Klockwerks mailing list: "This is what I created in February."
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Learn to Quill: The Art of Modern Quilling

Celebrating All Thing Paper's TENTH Anniversary! Can you believe how quickly the years have flown? Almost as fast as paper strips can be rolled into beautiful domes like these, as seen in Erin... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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It’s Cold In Minnesota. Dogs (And Their Humans) Need A Place To Walk. Enter The Shopping Mall

“That first weekend there were probably 300 dogs. The area has a huge dog community, and it spread like wildfire.” With stores closed and escalators stopped, the two-story shopping center quickly teemed with dogs and their people, flowing along the perimeter of the mall like the classic image of early-morning mall walkers. What was intended to be a once-a-month winter event turned into a year-round weekly walking bonanza, save for the holiday season, when dog-walking was paused for a few weeks...
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Maybe we don’t need folding displays. Maybe we just need tactile keyboards…

Folding displays are innovation, but what positive impact do they bring to a smartphone? What does a larger screen achieve? Tablets are a dying tech category, and not many apps are optimized for a massive squarish display (Instagram still doesn’t exist for the iPad OS). The folding display only has two foreseeable benefits. Bigger screen for media (still strange, considering 16:9 media on a square screen means a waste of space), and bigger screen to facilitate multitasking.The folding displays a...
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Chair for Your Bag

Messenger bag and briefcase chair designed for schools and modern offices. el BagPed chair made by Workiture will hold your bag, purse or backpack. Bag Chair Also check out: Laptop Chai
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Biodiversity decline puts food supply at risk

Biodiversity decline around the globe is hurting our capacity to develop food. A new study from the United Nations found that biodiversity is a key element in producing sustainable and secure food sources — such as crops and livestock — is currently in a decline due to several factors, including climate change. Scientists working with the Food and Agriculture Organization arm of the UN discovered that biodiversity has dropped across three levels: ecosystems, genetics and species. Without divers...
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Jacolby Satterwhite Contributes to New Solange Video Project

Artist Jacolby Satterwhite gets profiled in Complex this week, as his contributions to a new Solange video has earned him impressive attention.  “I’ve been doing small projects with Saint Heron for the past couple of years,” he says. “I did a video installation for her creative collective Saint Heron at the Metropolitan Museum about three years ago. And […]
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Indonesia builds a resilient "living shoreline"

The Demak District on Indonesia’s most populous island of Java is four years into a five-year plan to restore its disappearing and degraded shoreline. In a collaborative and holistic approach to nature restoration and sustainable development, local and international partners successfully completed many integrated components to build back the shoreline. This “Living Shoreline” vision creates natural defenses against further erosion while increasing economic opportunities for coastal residents. ...
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