GhostKube By Erik Åberg is a moving sculpture...

GhostKube By Erik Åberg is a moving sculpture inspired by moving origami, complete with keystones to lock in various positions. Currently on kickstarter. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Printing Neon Colors in CMYK: Is It Possible?

If you want to know if it is possible to print neon colors in CMYK, read on throughout this article and find out the answer to this query. Experimenting with color printing might be an exciting thing to consider especially if you are into designing something. However, there might come the point in time wherein things become confusing, and you actually don’t know what to do. Have you also asked yourself if it is possible to print neon colors in CMYK? Or do you think you can convert neon RGB c...
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Turn your Google Home Mini into a Mickey!

Partnering with Disney to make a mount for the Google Home Mini, the Otterbox Den series comes in a shape that’s all too familiar. Designed with the silhouette and colors of the world’s most famous rodent, the mount lets you place a black Google Home Mini into it, turning the smart speaker into Mickey Mouse! The mount reroutes the wire from the back, making it look like the tail, and even comes with tiny cutouts at the base where the speaker’s buttons are. The mount makes the Google Home Mini mu...
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JS Bach, Master Recycler

When Bach’s heavy reliance on parody technique came to light in the nineteenth century, scholars found it embarrassing. It ran counter to the Beethovenian principle that composers must write new, highly original pieces, and the realization that several of the St. Thomas Cantor’s most-revered sacred works—the Christmas Oratorio and the Mass in B-Minor, in particular—were derived largely from secular tributes to earthly kings and queens was difficult to accept. In more recent times, scholars have...
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Chicago Lyric Opera’s Subscription Problem

The decline in subscribers is upending the already fragile economics of opera, changing how companies operate and what they program. Lyric now gives a quarter fewer main stage opera performances than it did two decades ago — it gave 60 last season — and has started presenting a musical each spring. – The New York Times
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Turn your Google Home Mini into Mickey!

Partnering with Disney to make a mount for the Google Home Mini, the Otterbox Den series comes in a shape that’s all too familiar. Designed with the silhouette and colors of the world’s most famous rodent, the mount lets you place a black Google Home Mini into it, turning the smart speaker into Mickey Mouse! The mount reroutes the wire from the back, making it look like the tail, and even comes with tiny cutouts at the base where the speaker’s buttons are. The mount makes the Google Home Mini mu...
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Theatre in Australia: #MeToo has put power relationships centre stage

Four female theatremakers talk about how power tussles in the industry have played out for them – and what needs to change Only a handful of #MeToo stories have surfaced in Australia, thanks in large part to the country’s defamation laws – but many of the allegations that have made it to the public originated in the theatre.Well before the hashtag went viral, two Australian actors, Eryn Jean Norvill and Sophie Ross, canvassed the anonymous experiences of theatremakers across the country. (Norvil...
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A Venerable Christmas Day Tradition (According To Data): Chinese Food

The tradition has its roots in religion, of course, but also in immigration patterns. At the beginning of the 20th century, Jewish people were one of the largest non-Christian immigrant groups in the United States, as were Chinese people. That meant there were new populations that, by and large, didn’t see December 25th as a holiday. While most other shops and restaurants in U.S. cities closed their doors for a day, many Jewish and Chinese immigrants found something of a shared experience. – Ci...
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Danish home champions wood over concrete for lower carbon emissions

Danish architecture firm Tegnestuen LOKAL recently completed TK-33, a modern and energy-efficient home that promotes building materials considered more sustainable than those typically used in Danish residential construction. To reduce the carbon footprint of the project, the architects designed the home with a timber structure rather than the more commonly used load-bearing concrete walls. Triple-glazed windows and a flexible floor plan also add to the home’s environmentally friendly cachet. ...
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Naomi Banks’ Farewell to 2018 Playlist For COOL HUNTING

The London-based singer selects songs by SAFIA, Kehlani, Blossom and more Fusing genres, London-based Naomi Banks released her debut EP Deja Vu last month and it’s a lush, immersive soundscape blending jazz, electronic, neo-soul and more. Emotive and tender, powerful and soaring, Banks’ songs strike a heartstring. “I think people listen to music and lyrics so differently, which makes it difficult to create something that will be …
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A Writer Heads To The Woods To Escape Noise. Here’s What She Learned

A writer I admire once told me, “few people have an imagination when it comes to their lives.” I loved this. It flipped the notion that everyone was doing life right except for me — the common refrain of my consciousness — squarely on its head. The fact that I had abandoned my career at 35 for a pipe dream, didn’t have a partner, and was leaving the greatest city in the world to spend the summer writing in a cabin alone wasn’t wrong, it was imaginative. – Medium
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Going, Going, Gone: Explaining Auction Houses’ Executive Exodus

It’s been a memorable year in the art world, not for what happened, but for who left.
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Is Culture Just Bias In Job Interviews?

The most common method for evaluating a candidate’s potential is the unstructured job interview, which is a weak predictor of future job performance. The interview is especially used to assess culture fit. At worst, it boils down to a gut feeling of good chemistry or rapport that interviewers get from the candidate. At best, this results in well-meaning interviewers trying to ignore the very factors that cause that experience, such as charisma, attractiveness, and likability, as well as any att...
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Ditch the iPod and put an electronic synth in your pocket

Nobody carries an iPod around with them nowadays. The iPod in the title is symbolic for the ability to have thousands and thousands of songs stored in your pocket… so when I tell you to ditch the iPod for a synth, I actually mean, leave the thousands of tracks on a hard drive for a synthesizer you can play millions of songs on. The Stylophone is a tiny, pocketable electronic synth you can play anywhere you go. Originally invented in 1967 by Brian Jarvis and manufactured by Dubreq, the Stylopho...
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Sadistic Package Design: The Best in DIY Difficult-to-Open Holiday Gifts

Sometimes we're obligated to give gifts to folks that we don't really like. But with a little ingenuity and holiday sadism, we can even the scales by making those gifts painfully difficult to open. Here's the first example (sadly unattributed):View the full content here
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How Do You Put Conrad’s ‘Heart Of Darkness’ Onto A Stage In 2019? Interrogate It — Hard.

“Heart of Darkness is, to use today’s parlance, problematic. … Whether [the novel] is ‘offensive and totally deplorable’, as [Chinua] Achebe insisted, or a searing critique of colonialism trapped in its time, putting it on stage pulls it into the present. Literature might be excused, though not absolved, by context. Theatre isn’t.” Matt Trueman looks at the approaches two directors are taking with their adaptations. (And some of the commenters administer thoughtful interrogations of the project...
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Daily Design Inspiration

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudioDec 21, 2018 The unfamous Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. Where you'll find the most interesting designs/artworks/concepts curated by one of us to utterly inspire your day. Besides that, it's an opportunity to feature work from other designers, artists, and creators in general that we haven't had the chance to write or featured. For this Daily we are selecting in graphic design, branding, ...
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Christmas Sweater Shoes

Limited edition running shoes designed to look like ugly Christmas sweater. Brooks Levitate 2 – Be the most festive runner on the road during the holidays in these awesome ugly Christmas sweater shoes. Also check out: Full Body Sweate
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Four Independent Galleries Set Up Shared Space in Brussels

A group of four independent art dealers are opening a collaborative space in Brussels, Art News reports. La Maison de Rendez-Vous, as it is called, will be operated by LambdaLambdaLambda,  Lulu, Misako & Rosen and Park View/Paul Soto. “The project began with Paul [Soto, owner of Park View/Paul Soto] wanting to open a second space in Brussels, […]
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The Careful Restoration of Miniature Hollywood

A $250,000 miniature project from the ’30s, helmed by a cabinetmaker and his team, is being carefully restored solely by conservator Donna Williams. Williams, who specializes in architectural materials, is carefully cleaning the 450 to scale buildings, on a plot which measures out at 11 by 12 feet. What was once a 25 person project—accompanied by a nationwide tour that left some of the buildings destroyed, mangled and even …
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Frieze New York Announces Curators for 2019 Special Sections

Patrick Charpenel, executive director of El Museo del Barrio in New York, and Franklin Sirmans, director of the Pérez Art Museum Miami, will curate two new themed sections at its 2019 New York Frieze fair. “It is an honor to collaborate with these institutional leaders who are at the forefront of shaping the art and ideas […]
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Rijksmuseum Airport Branch to Reopen

The Rijksmuseum’s 24-hour branch at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is due to reopen in late January, Art Newspaper reports. The branch had previously been closed over fears of leaking water that may damage works. Read more at Art Newspape
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Moscow Residents Urge Garage Museum to Cut Ties with Developer

Moscow citizens are calling for the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art to end its sponsorship agreement with the Russian real estate developer the PIK Group over unsavory business practices and corruption.  An open letter alleges the developer “does not aim at improving the environment and people’s lives, but rather at obtaining super profits and enhancing […]
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Nature-inspired art gallery is built from bamboo and reused bricks

Belgium- and Brazil-based design practice CRU! architects channeled its passion for bamboo architecture and natural building materials into an art gallery in Catuçaba, a rural community about three hours east of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Spanning an area of 1,184 square feet, the project was commissioned by the owner of Fazenda Catuçaba, an idyllic farmhouse-style hotel that includes an operational organic farm. Building on Fazenda Catuçaba’s environmentally friendly practices, the art gallery was con...
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Design Job: Skip Hop Is Seeking an Assistant Packaging Designer for Their Iconic Children's Brand

Carter's, Inc. is the largest branded marketer in North America of apparel exclusively for babies and young children. The Company owns the Carter's and OshKosh B'gosh brands, two of the most recognized brands in the marketplace. These brands are sold in leading department stores, national chains, and specialty retailers domestically View the full design job here
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Guy Trades in FIVE Toyota MR2s

When I was a kid I worked at a restaurant in the suburbs. I can't remember how this started, but when my shift was over, the staff would give me money to drive their cars to a nearby gas station to fill them up. On the weekends, some of them paid me to take their cars home with me and wash them. I'd just gotten my driver's license and this was an exciting opportunity to try driving different car types.The hostess, Miranda, had this awesome cherry red 1985 Toyota MR2. It was a stickshift, and at ...
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Taking a Spin Through the Boring Company's Test Tunnel

People seem to love crapping on Elon Musk, but give the guy a break. The man started PayPal and Tesla, he's launching and landing rockets, he figured out how to sell re-branded roofing torches as flamethrowers to the tune of $4 million, and now his Boring Company has completed their first test tunnel.There are wrinkles to be ironed out, sure, but here's what it's like driving through the 1.14 mile tunnel: I'm sure they can smooth out the bumpy ride, but two thing...
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Trump portrait: you couldn’t create a creepier Yuletide scene if you tried

The formal smartness of the US president and the first lady adds to the emotional numbness of the scene.The absence of intimacy in the Trumps’ official Christmas portrait freezes the heart. Can it be that hard to create a cosy image of the presidential couple, perhaps in front of a roaring hearth, maybe in seasonal knitwear? Or is this quasi-dictatorial image exactly what the president wants to project? Look on my Christmas trees, ye mighty, and despair! If so, it fuels suspicions that it is onl...
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Watch This Man Build a Multi-Room Cliffside Cave Dwelling…With a Stick

While you may have heard of the Primitive Technology YouTube channel--we posted about his water-powered hammer here--there's actually another YouTube channel called Primitive Technology Idea. While that sounds like a knock-off, it's almost ten years older than the other channel. This latter channel features a different fellow, somewhere in Southeast Asia by the looks of it, who also builds incredible structures by hand.Needless to say, both of these guys possess an incredible amount of patience....
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Liverpool Crowdsources A New Logo Design. Designers Decry Exploitation

The authority shared the call for submissions on Twitter earlier this month, asking: “Do you have a passion for design and creative branding development? Can you create a simple but visually impactful logo that captures the spirit of an exciting cultural and creative programme?” But the message attracted more than a dozen critical responses, with several users seeing the competition as a request for design work at below market rates. – Arts Professional
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