Head of Programming, Royal Albert Hall

For nearly 150 years we have been fulfilling our vision of inspiring artists and audiences worldwide with the magic of the iconic Royal Albert Hall; creating life-enriching, unforgettable experiences for everyone. Our vision is to inspire artists and audiences worldwide with the magic of the iconic Royal Albert Hall, creating life-enriching, unforgettable experiences for everyone. The Royal Albert Hall is more than just a building. Together we are… One team. Passionate. Open to all.We are see...
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Nordic Craftsmanship Reinvented: The New Restaurant of Stockholm's Nationalmuseum

After five years of extensive renovation and modernization, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm’s National Museum of Fine Arts, finally re-opened on October 13, 2018, offering visitors an enhanced experience underpinned by its mission to make art and design as accessible as possible. The same vision has been the driving force behind the museum’s new 300 seat restaurant and café which has taken over three...
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Free and Easy Tools for Creating an Impactful Visual

Creating visually compelling data may seem like a daunting task, but thanks to modern technology, there are tons of free tools to help you create custom graphs and infographics. All it takes is a little time online to find the right tools for your need. Before you set out on your search for the right tool, be sure that you have collected all your data and selected the best layout to deliver your data visually. By preparing ahead of time, you will be able to compare your data and needs against ea...
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Reid Schlegel's "Keep it Hot This Winter" Ultimate Gift Guide

Reid Schlegel is a NYC based designer and educator. He is currently a Senior Industrial Designer at Aruliden and previously worked at frog and SMART Design. Reid teaches at the Parsons School of Design and lectures at universities globally. Additionally, Reid runs an Instagram account with 140k+ followers showcasing his work and other design related content.View the full content here
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Core77's Ultimate Gift Guide for Designers: Week 2 Winners

This holiday, share your Ultimate Gift Guide with Core77 for a chance to gift yourself some fun prizes. We're on the lookout for your favorite 5 holiday gift ideas and will reward the best gift guides with awesome rewards, including gift certificates and designer-approved products. It gets better—one Editor's pick will take home a Spin Bag from IAMRUNBOX, and one Community Choice winner with the most votes will win a Core77 ~Mystery Box~!This week, three submissions chosen by our editors have ea...
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Vornado Glide Heat Whole Room Heater - adorable...

Vornado Glide Heat Whole Room Heater - adorable design with round body and metal & wood wide stance base. Almost looks like it's ready to crawl away. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves are winter-ready and smartphone-ready

Now that winter’s upon us, it’s time to bust out the woolens. The cap, the hoodie, the galoshes, bomber jackets, scarves, and gloves. Winter is perhaps my favorite time of the year. I hate the cold, but I love the warm fuzzy feeling that you get from trapping body warmth between a thick blanket, or sipping on a piping hot chai. However, there’s one issue that seems to counter my love for winter. It’s the issue of the glove. I wear gloves because it’s cold… and then I promptly take them off every...
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The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons

Packed with nearly 100 years of New Yorker cartoons, The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons: A Semi-Serious A-to-Z Archive is a two-volume collection of thousands of the wittiest, most cutting and relatable blips of social commentary. Organized by long-tenured editor Bob Mankoff, this encyclopedia is less an index than it is insightful commentary on the past 20 years of life in the Western world.
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Get away from it all in this off-grid concrete cabin just steps away from the Appalachian Trail

For those looking to disconnect from the chaos of life, this off-grid retreat is just the place. Tucked into a rocky ridge along the Appalachian Trail, the 160-square-foot Lost Whiskey Cabin was created by the team at GreenSpur to be a self-sufficient off-grid getaway – with a edgy twist. Clad in raw concrete with large steel-framed windows, the tiny solar-powered structure eschews the traditional log cabin aesthetic for a contemporary industrial vibe. The stunning cabin is the latest additio...
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I’m Tired Of New Plays! I Want Something More

“In a word: I’m against the New Play. New Plays take many forms and have been around for years, but they seem especially prized lately. They’re plays with budget-friendly cast sizes, simpler stories with watery stakes, forward-slashes to indicate overlapping, a pretty strict adherence to the fourth wall, “ordinary” unaffected language, and an authorial injunction to either “play it fast” or “respect the beats”—or both. Further, all of the matter onstage is matter of the theatre (i.e. no video, ...
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Breakfast Tray

Serve breakfast on breakfast with this Martin Parr tray. The beloved photographer’s blend of dry humor and anthropology is apparent here—and while the Melamine piece is entirely functional, it’s a shame to cover up the 1995 photo. The image was included in Parr’s book British Food, and is just one of the many culinary-focused pictures in the brilliant photographer’s vast body of work.
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Debt Bubble: Borrowing Against Art

Borrowing against art poses specific problems because of its portability, its heterogeneous nature and difficulty in establishing a reliable price. And yet, according to a report published last year by Deloitte and ArtTactic, in 2017 the global total of loans outstanding against art was eye-popping: between $17bn and $20bn. – The Art Newspaper
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Anderson Architecture revamps a dim heritage home into a modern sun-soaked abode

When Sydney-based design studio Anderson Architecture was asked to improve the livability of an old heritage home in the inner western Sydney suburb of Lewisham, the house suffered from a cold and dark indoor environment. Drawing on their experience on sustainable design, the architects rearranged the home in accordance to passive solar design in a light-filled transformation that earned the project its name, Suntrap. The contemporary renovation has even doubled the thermal efficiency of the li...
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Barrie Kosky: “Opera Is A Dream”

“Opera is an incredibly sophisticated art form that’s developed over 500 years. So there’s no one audience. If you want to just sit there without knowing anything about it and watch the pretty pictures with music at the centre, you are allowed to, great. If you want to do two years of research and study the programme and the libretto, great. And if you want to compare it to the 20 other productions that you’ve seen in the last five years, that’s great too.” – Bachtrack
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Victoria, BC Performing Arts Groups Scramble After Theatre’s Huge Rent Increases

The symphony has been told its rent, currently $1,850 per day, will go to $2,500 Sunday to Wednesday, $3,500 on Thursdays and $4,000 on Friday or Saturday. Those rates now apply to rehearsal days — currently $800 — too. – The Times-Colonist (Victoria, Canada)
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Paintings on Trees

Beautiful artworks painted with bright colors on trees in parks and forests. Nature street art project by talented Russian artist Eugeniya Dudnikova. Also check out: Tree Log Paintings
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Tom Cruise PSA Highlights a Common UI Design Problem

This week the Twittersphere witnessed an unusual PSA: Actor Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie, taking a break on the set of "Top Gun: Maverick," urging you to turn video interpolation off on your television set.What does this have to do with UI? Everything, but first a little background explanation is required. (Skip the rest of this paragraph if you already know what video interpolation is.) Video interpolation is a "feature"--really a fix--that new TV manufacturers came up with to ...
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Amanda Swimmer, Beloved Cherokee Potter And Elder, Dead At 97

After jumping the fence and running away from the boarding school she and other Cherokee were forced to attend, she spent her life dedicated to preserving both the Cherokee language (she was one of its last fluent speakers) and its traditional methods of making pottery. — New York Times
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Ciszak Dalmas Designs Colorful, Affordable Bookends for TORTUGA Living

Which book do you place at the end of a row on your bookshelf? Regardless of which, our favorite books, our paper friends, need bookends. And for those Italo-meets-Madrileño design-loving bookworms on budgets, new design brand TORTUGA Living presents these colorful little partners: Dumbo Bookends, designed by Ciszak Dalmas. Two styles, three color ways. They're friendly, serve as solid support for classic stories, and are just modular enough to blend quietly in one space and pop in anothe...
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Design Job: Quip Is Looking for a Delightful Designer in DUMBO

At quip, we design and deliver delightful products and services that keep your mouth healthy. In order to support our rapidly growing user base we are looking for an Industrial Designer to help continue with this growth. The ideal candidate would be an industrial designer to View the full design job here
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Hilarious: Daily Show's Ronny Chieng Gets to the Bottom of Bill Gates' Reinvented Toilet Project

Aside from Japanese manufacturer Toto, toilet design is an area that gets little attention. To us in developed nations, toilets are something we take for granted, and a subset of us that are wealthy can buy fancy ones with heated seats and guided spray nozzles for arse cleaning.For people in developing nations, toilets could mean the difference between life and death. When people have no alternative but to crap into the waterways that they drink from, disease and sickness follow. What's neede...
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Sang Hoon Kim Uses Materials & Processes From His Family's Foam Factory to Create Colorful Furniture

This year, we've watched the foam-as-furniture trend emerge and develop at shows during Milan Design Week and NYCxDesign. The use of foam blocks is intriguing from an artistic choice standpoint, but within the white hallways lined with brightly colored furniture at this year's DesignMiami lied something even more intriguing—a furniture designer that develops and designs his own foam that's ideal for functional furniture.  South Korean designer Sang Hoon Kim's family has been operating a foam ...
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Simple DIY upcycled holiday decor

Traditional Christmas decorations can quickly get expensive and extremely wasteful. But you can change that in your home this Christmas season by turning everyday household items into holiday decor. All you have to do is take a shopping trip through your house and upcycle old stuff into Christmas decorations. With just a little time and creativity, you can create these holiday decorations for just pennies, and keep the waste at a minimum. Pasta Christmas tree All you need for this project i...
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Fungi’s Many Life-Changing Uses

While there are 144,000 discovered species of fungi on the planet, there could be many more—millions more, in fact. But finding fungi and sorting out whether or not they contain any useful chemical compounds comes down to chance. The serendipity, scientists argue, is what led to great discoveries like penicillin—so hope for similar-level finds persists. Recent tests may have uncovered compounds that can help create …
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Copyrights and patents are two well known forms...

Copyrights and patents are two well known forms of intellectual property protection. But why do we have them? Why does the government and society want to give away protection that could amount to a monopoly? Well the answer is in the constitution. Under Article I Section 8, Clause 8 U.S. Constitution (or otherwise known as […] The post appeared first on Vincent LoTempio | Registered Patent Attorney, Trademark, and Copyright | 1-800-866-0039.
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Cuban artists fear crackdown after Tania Bruguera arrest

The Guardian profiles how Cuban artists are fearing a government crackdown on artists in the wake of Tania Bruguera’s arrest this week over a new law restricting artistic speech in the country. “The decree criminalizes independent art activity,” the Cuban-American artist Coco Fusco says. “It allows a cadre of roving censors to go around issuing fines, to […]
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Bloody Shiraz

Crafted by macerating and then steeping shiraz grapes in their high-proof Rare Dry Gin for eight weeks, Four Pillars‘ beautifully colored Bloody Shiraz is unlike anything else. Not a sloe gin nor liqueur, it’s a legitimate gin with shiraz elements. The alcohol is 37.8% so it can be used in cocktails or on the rocks (the team suggests garnishing with a slice of orange) but beware: it’s very drinkable.
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Walmarts are Now Being Cleaned by Autonomous Robots

Now out of the city, I do miss writing those Urban Design Observation posts. Down here in farmland I thought about writing a rural variant, but haven't been able to get it to work yet. That's because I'm rarely off-farm, and when I am, only see things like this aisle-capping Spill Response Station at the nearest Walmart: I know, it's hardly interesting enough for a blog post: It's just some cleaning product and pole-based cleaning tools for when someone drops an open bottle of Mountain Dew. P...
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This couch made from recycled water bottles is built to last a lifetime

In recent years, companies have started to repurpose the massive amounts of used-once-then-trashed plastic in new and exciting ways. For example, REPREVE, a sustainable fiber created from 100 percent food-quality and BPA-free plastic, is being used in a variety of products from clothing to couches. Lovesac is a green furniture company using the recycled fabric to cover sofa cushions. While the eco-friendly material is a huge component of the design, it’s just a sample of an entire furniture lin...
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These Lenovo headphones are (theoretically) out-of-the-box

Titled the SoundCube, Eric Guack’s concept headphones for Lenovo literally come with a hexagonal design. Yes, the cups are hexagons too! The boxy, yet out-of-the-box approach to headphones makes them stand out, while the cube shape definitely helps it stand out from the other circular or elliptical headphone designs.The headphones are pretty straightforward. They come with an on-off switch, and work both wirelessly or with an aux-cable. They even charge using contact-pins at the base, which mean...
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