Icy Lake Mendota in the morning and afternoon.

It finally warmed up enough to do the sunrise run...
... about 30° at 7:27 when I took that photograph. 
Later, we drove out to a place in Madison that I'd never even noticed before, Governor's Island:
This is land that had belonged to a governor in the 19th century, that became the Wisconsin Hospital for the Insane, later called Mendota Mental Health Institute. It's where Ed Gein lived out his last years. 
We enjoyed our sojourn around the beautifully scenic location. It was about 40° at 3:20, and we walked out onto the Lake Mendota ice... just a little way...
Watch out, if you go. There are, I hear, some "puddles." 
I liked the view from the bluff...
Notice how the ice piles up in frozen "waves" along the shore. 
We walked the entire loop of the small island, then drove home around to our side of the lake, where we got a glimpse of the sunset... 
... as we entered the car wash:
ADDED: One more photo. This one by Meade:
Lake Mendota seen from Governor's Island

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