Finally Here


Still Down Some

watch for the warm up

Finally Here LOOKING GOOD  --  FOR NOW


Finally Here
.. The meager snowfall of the last two weeks has given our fish some hope for the coming summer.

.. The Pacific Ocean temperatures plus the polar vortex outbreak has allowed the Pineapple Express to take aim at our Pacific Northwest.

Finally Here RARIN' TO GO

.. All we need now is the Gulf Of Alaska Low to reform and we will get some regular pulses of precipitation. Hopefully it will be snow instead of rain.

.. The snows have been relatively dry and contain just a small bit of water content.

.. It's perfect for challenging trees at speed and ripping donuts in the town intersections.

.. We are not holding our breath - BUT this year's winter snowpack may turn out to be O.K.


Finally Here WALLPAPER:  Ragù alla Bolognese and Spinach

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