10 Best Gifts For Newborns

A new baby is truly the best gift of all, but there comes a time when you may be seeking a gift for a newborn baby that’s just arrived. There is an abundance of new baby gifts on the market that are downright adorable. However, with this comes the tricky part – selecting one that is perfect! If you’re looking for the best newborn baby gifts out there, we’ve searched high and low to put together this helpful guide for you.

Here are the top 10 popular gifts for newborns that brought a smile to our faces. 

Different Types of Toys for Newborns

If you are looking for gifts for newborns, toys might not be the first thing you will consider. However, there are loads of fun choices out there, and whilst they might not be able to use them in the very early weeks, they can be special gifts. A cuddly toy is perhaps the most special type of toy you can give to a newborn, and they will probably have it for many years, perhaps even into adulthood. High-contrast toys are ideal for newborns, as their sense of sight is not good at this age. Things which make fun sound effects and toys with different textures to explore are also popular options for very young babies. 

Considerations When Choosing Gifts For babies

When it comes to picking out gifts for newborns, there are a few things to consider in order to help choose the most appropriate and suitable gift. Bear in mind their age, and be sure whatever you choose is safe and suitable. Also think about the type of gift, perhaps asking the new parents what they need for their new arrival. There is no point giving something that they might already have, so if in doubt, just ask. Many parents send out a gift registry, but if not, and you don’t want to ask, they will never complain to have extra supplies such as diapers and baby-grows – they will go through so many in the early weeks! 

Our Top 10 Gifts for Newborns in 2020 1. Cozy Socks

Babies tootsies are without a doubt, probably the cutest thing to grace our eyes. But as sweet as they are to look at they risk getting cold! A great idea for a newborn baby gift could be a lovely pair of cozy socks. There are so many different designs out there, from personalized options where you can have initials of baby embroidered on to the fabric to nursery rhyme themed pairs. Socks are one of the best gifts for newborns because babies can never have too many, the real task is choosing only one pair! 

2. Top-quality Bibs

Though it takes some time before babies are ready to begin weaning, bibs come in really handy for parents. Even newborns need bibs when they drink milk as they prevent drool rash and clothing from getting messy. If you’re seeking quality bibs, go for those that are made using cotton and fleece. The soft material is absorbent and won’t irritate a baby’s skin if used to wipe away food or drink from their mouth. 

3. A Baby Teether

The teething period a baby goes through is grueling for everyone involved. When babies cut teeth it can cause extreme discomfort. Luckily there are a wide number of different teether products out there to help soothe baby’s gums. This small but thoughtful gift is going to be appreciated by any new parent and is guaranteed to come in useful. While you may have your eye on a cute teddy design, a gift for new babies can be higher in value. As a rule of thumb, a decent teether should be large enough to get to the baby’s molars.

4. Toys For Development 

It’s never too early to engage a baby in some developmental activities. Sensory toys are great gift ideas and come in many different types of shapes, sizes and styles. From popular baby rattles to building blocks and even pop-up toys, there are so many different options out there! Any parent will appreciate a gift that is going to help their little one develop and learn as they grow, so why not consider one of these toys for the newborn that you have in mind? At StarWalkKids.com you’ll find plenty of inspiration for these types of gifts, which have a dedicated baby section. 

5. Pacifiers

If you’re seeking gifts for newborns, pacifiers are an affordable option. You’ll find lots of different designs, helping you to personalize the gift for any baby. While you can still find many traditional pacifiers out there, these days they are manufactured to help to stay put on the baby’s chest at all times. Go for a zoo animal design or a simple colored one, the choices are endless when it comes to shopping for pacifiers for newborns. 

6. Cards For Milestones

From the moment of birth to reaching toddler years, babies go through plenty of milestones as they grow! If you’re trying to choose gifts for newborns of parents who enjoy snapping photos, milestone cards could be exactly what you’re searching for. With this wonderful, parents can celebrate each special milestone that their baby makes and there will be albums of beautiful photos to look back on into adulthood. 

7. A Handy Diaper Bag

Even though most parents will have the essentials covered ready for the arrival of their newborn, some things never go a miss. A handy diaper bag is a practical gift that parents are sure to appreciate. They come in lots of awesome designs too and if you want to go the extra mile, you can even buy a customized option. Parents won’t have to worry about transporting everything that they need for baby with a bag to contain everything in. 

8. Bedtime Book

Bedtime stories with a baby are relaxing for both the parents and child. Reading books to babies at an early stage helps to introduce them to language and can engage them with colors and visual stimuli. There are plenty of lovely bedtime stories to choose from, as a general rule for a young baby we recommend going for a traditional short wooden book with plenty of images. Children’s toys might be fun to buy and wrap, but books will last for generations.

9. A Baby Onesie With Diaper Change

For many new parents, there is a real sense of accomplishment felt when finally getting baby off to bed. However, it’s widely known that babies are prone to using their diapers during sleep. It’s always best to change a baby as soon as possible to avoid diaper rash from occurring. With a handy baby onesie, parents can do this with ease. There are lots of lovely styles to choose from and this item of bedtime clothing makes a thoughtful gift for a newborn. 

10. High-Tech Monitors

Baby monitors are important gadgets for a newborn’s parents. Helping to monitor baby throughout the night and ensure that they are completely safe, for this reason, they make good gift choices. If you choose to splash the cash a little on a monitor for the parents of the baby in mind, you’re sure to be helping out with one of the most important essentials. Parents will be able to sit back and check in on their baby from anywhere in their home!

As you can see there are lots of brilliant gifts for newborns out there available to buy. From cozy clothing to high-end gadgets, be sure to shop around and check out what the baby’s parents already have! Use the ideas above for inspiration to help guide you on a gift for a new baby and you’re already halfway to getting it right. 

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