Top 3 Things to Do in Nicaragua – The Perfect Destination

While some destinations in Central America are highly appreciated, such as Belize, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, other underrated places deserve more attention as an excellent travel destination, if not better, such as Nicaragua. This underrated magical place can offer anything and everything you can think of, whether it’s natural to architectural attractions, the beaches, the culture, and most importantly, the outstanding nature. The active volcanoes in Nicaragua are behind its astonishingly diverse landscapes. These 19 volcanoes make this country pretty unique with its unmatched nature. 

Things to Do Nicaragua A Surfing Paradise 

There is a reason why Nicaragua is known for its surfing spots. You will find retreats, surf camps, and resorts for surfing in Nicaragua easily. The availability of these places allows tourists who are interested in surfing to travel on a tight budget without any trouble. While surfers in most countries have to wait for the right surfing conditions, Nicaragua offers the perfect, consistent conditions for surfing all year long. Thanks to its deep water, ideal swell, and awesome weather, Nicaragua makes any surfer’s dream come true.

The History And The Diverse Culture 

People in Nicaragua have fought dictatorships and went through a lot of wars but they have earned their freedom. The tough times they went through in the past can easily be seen and felt through their beautiful culture that reflects their history. If you’re a history buff, you can visit museums and art galleries to soak in the culture. But nothing is compared to wandering down the cobblestone streets and taking pictures of the beautiful architecture surrounding you. Granada, for example, is a perfect mixture of cobbled streets, bright colors, breathtaking churches, and awesome museums. Next comes León, which is the second most visited colonial city.  What truly sets this city apart more than anything is how it’s packed with amazing art galleries. 

Suitable For Everyone 

Whether you want to chill by the beach or you are more of an adventurous person, you will find something that suits your taste in Nicaragua. This is definitely the right place for any kind of traveler, especially if you prefer active vacations. There are a lot of activities that you can do such as volcano boarding, zip-lining, trekking, surfing, doing yoga, go mountain biking, and many more. For people who wait for vacations so they can relax all day from all the responsibilities they have to deal with in their normal lives, Nicaragua also has a lot of yoga retreats for them to be able to relax and unwind. 

This place is the ultimate vacation destination for a lot of reasons. However, the most beautiful thing that Nicaragua has is how it can offer something for every type of traveler out there. You can just go witness and take pictures of its beauty, to view the active volcanoes, or you can go to make use of the perfect weather conditions that every surfer dreams about. Regardless of the reason you might want to go, it’s guaranteed that you will fall in love with this country. 

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