Nova Scotia artist JOSEPHNSPARROWB drops his 1st full length album titled “VV” representing “Win”. “VV” is an experimental album mixed with Hip-Hop, Punk & House.  The greatest thing about music is everybody has their own unique signature & JOSEPHNSPARROWB sure did that with a name longer then any tongue twister and and album sonically mixed with multiple genres. The album cover is tranquil as I liked the mellow approach to the visual very different from any album I heard previous.  The 1st song on the album is titled “Riverwood”, this song is very emotionally driven as I can hear the pain in the artist voice trying to explain the events of his life. “Tundra” production reminded me of something odd future world work with, The substance behind the record is great but the delivery could use work along with the rhyme scheme.

“Nihilist” My fav line from this song was “The plot thickens & my art sickens” this shows the potential in the Nova Scotia artist as he assembles his 1st LP to continue to grow his craft. “Ration” had a really dark reflective vibe to it as JOSEPHNSPARROWB switched up his rhyme scheme and added another dynamic to the album. “Task” was also reflective but this time more so mellow dramatic song with tragic comic overtones.The production behind “Action” is beautiful I can see this instrumental in film and Tv, JOSEPHNSPARROWB should explore that option as a copyright owner and creator. “Loud” was straight out of a horror movie film I can forsure see this featured in Sci-Fi tv-shows and films. “Calm” was just that and reminded me of 21 savage in many ways from the voice tone to the actually delivery, At the end of the day their is a lane for all music its just finding the people it helps.

“Swing” is Dope I like the flow and atmosphere created from this cut as it gives its own sonic sound. I can see this song kicking the moshpit off in the club, the hype approach and lyrics are exciting, I can no doubt see “VV’ in the emo punk community. “Fight” is also one of those songs that can ignite a moshpit the anger and retrospective lyrics make you anger it seems what makes this artist art is the past trauma of life and being an empath.  Follow him on twitter.

Rating 5/10

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