Sick of the iPhone

I should have trusted my first intuition about the iPhone. I didn’t need one in my life.

Sick of the iPhoneI carry one around only so that others can reach me in an emergency. I interact with it as little as possible.

For me, the phone has become the enemy. There is an old saying “Life is what happens when you are making other plans.” Now it should be updated to “Life is what happens while you are looking at your iPhone.”

Probably a few years ago I stopped playing games on the iPhone. Then I stopped trying new apps. Now I am deleting apps. I am looking for apps that combine things so that I can get rid of apps. For example I used to have the Fastmail and Outlook App but now I use Spark and that can do both of those emails.

I had a friend give me a phone charger because my 6S is not sufficient to last the day. I get emails randomly from work and that is too much for the phone. It actually made me pine for the good old days of the Nokia, where the text messages never sucked the battery like the iPhone does.

Is it laziness or wisdom to not want to be tied to a device? I don’t enjoy having to charge it all the time. Yes, I could buy a iPhone with a bigger battery or battery pack but at that point perhaps it is wiser to trade down not up.

I think there is a tipping point being reached by the slowdown in iPhone sales. People don’t feel excited about upgrading because they are tired of the constant upgrade cycle. They haven’t felt they have invested their money in a helpful way, and I certainly didn’t need to buy any of the iPhones I had. Working in IT I thought it might be helpful for work, and it might be, but I could have still done my job without buying an iPhone.

It’s ok if I seem old by wondering if the iPhone is the right tool for me. Apple keeps making poor anti-customer decisions and I don’t feel like supporting them anymore. Do you love Apple?

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