Will There Be More Surprises? Vote For The Best City To Visit In This Sweet 16

best city 2018 sweet 16

The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament is consistently unpredictable. Romania, typically one of the strongest countries in the contest, was edged by former champion Sarajevo. Last year’s winner Granada, had the most total votes in round of 32 last week, making the left side of the brackets very competitive. Quietly though on the right are some interesting challengers.

Readers, it’s time to vote! Click your favorite cities before this Sunday, March 18th, 6pm US EST.

Best City 2018 Sweet 16: Istanbul vs. Sarajevo

Best City 2018 Sweet 16: Granada vs. Rome

Best City 2018 Sweet 16: Salzburg vs. Berlin

Best City 2018 Sweet 16: Edinburgh vs. Lisbon

Best City 2018 Sweet 16: New York City vs. New Orleans

Best City 2018 Sweet 16: Sapporo vs. Bangkok

Best City 2018 Sweet 16: George Town vs. Varanasi

Best City 2018 Sweet 16: Tbilisi vs. Dubrovnik

Remember, the next round of Elite 8, begins next Tuesday, March 20st, 2018.

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