Famous Footwear Helps Charity Surpass Sock Donation Goal After 2,500 Pairs Stolen

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento-area Famous Footwear stores are taking in sock donations to help out Loaves and Fishes.

Burglars stole more than 2,500 pairs of socks from a group that was collecting them for the charity.

An organizer says after the burglary she created a video for the drive that has helped them pass their goal.

“From the 2,500 socks that were stolen, Sacramento stepped up. We have just been receiving socks, and now, the store here is raising socks and we’re going to meet our goal so we’re we’ve extended our goal,” said Tina Reynolds, who organized the drive.

Famous Footwear stores will continue taking donations until Christmas Eve.

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Source:  http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/12/14/famous-footwear-helps-charity-reach-sock-donation-goal-after-2500-pairs-stolen/

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