Former computer technician now raises 60,000 snails to make snail slime soap

Damien Desrocher used to be an air force computer technician, until he decided to raise snails – 60,000 of them! – for their slime. Since December, the 28-year-old from France uses the snail mucous, which supposedly has anti-aging properties – to make snail slime bars for his new soap business, Les Escargots Desrocher. — Read the rest
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Senator Tom Cotton accuses AP of being in cahoots with Hamas after office bombing

Following in the steps of Donald Trump and his conspiracy-fueled "enemy of the people" war against the press, Senator Tom Cotton (Q-AR) insinuates that the "intrepid" Associated Press has been colluding with Hamas. This is obvious to him simply because the AP (as well as residential apartments, Al Jazeera, and other businesses) rented out space in the same 12-story building that Hamas supposedly used for military intelligence – the same building that Israeli forces destroyed on Saturday. — Read ...
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Watch: This adorable pufferfish poses for a scuba diver's selfie

Scuba diver and photographer Jules Casey was taking an underwater selfie when this handsome puffer joined in, eagerly mugging for the camera alongside her. This is the same Casey from Australia who shot the gorgeous video of the disappearing octopus we posted last last week. — Read the rest
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Pearl Jam playing at a Tower Records in 1991

Pearl Jam released their debut album Ten in 1991 and started their first major tour as a band. In November of 1991, the guys played an unassuming acoustic show at a Tower Records (remember those?) in Yonkers, New York. The video is very 1991 but as a Pearl Jam fan I'm so grateful it exists. — Read the rest
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This bottle of mayo was possessed by a demon

This sinister face appeared in my bottle of Kewpie Mayonnaise the other night at dinner. Is my bottle of Mayonnaise haunted, or is this just an instance of creepy pareidolia? Either way, I'm going to be seeing this face in my dreams. — Read the rest
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How to stop procrastinating by making any kind of work interesting

[This is from my newsletter, The Magnet. Please subscribe. There's a free edition and a paid edition – Mark] I'm a procrastinator. I have been my whole life. I can think of two reasons why. One is that it's hard for me to get started on something. — Read the rest
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Cartoonist Charles Burns' secret zine is available as a book

As a huge fan of Charles Burns popular graphic novels such as Black Hole and the X'ed Out trilogy, it was awesome to find out about his art book, Free Shit. What was once a zine that Burns would give away for free at conventions (hence the name Free Shit) is now a collection of all 25 issues in a hardcover book. — Read the rest
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Watch this excellent music video by Tokiyo Ooto before everyone else

Tokiyo Ooto doesn't have many followers on YouTube, but after watching her video, Mabaroshi, I think she deserves a much bigger audience. Her 2018 video, Wakefulness, is also good. She has more songs on Soundcloud.
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It is extra fun to watch Bruce Lee destroy Chuck Norris in 'Way of the Dragon'

Bruce Lee gave his buddy Chuck Norris a big break in Way of the Dragon. I love watching Lee's Tang not want to have to destroy Norris' Colt, but doing what he gotta do. You can clearly see the different attitudes the characters bring to the fight, how they regard the duel, and one another, all while delivering an epic, epic brawl. — Read the rest
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Watch the trailer for Sweet Tooth

Netflix released the trailer for its upcoming series, Sweet Tooth, "a post-apocalyptic fairytale about a hybrid deer-boy and a wandering loner who embark on an extraordinary adventure." Its based in the DC comic of the same name and premieres June 4, 2021. — Read the rest
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John Oliver explains 'Stand Your Ground' laws

Prepare to be upset at the stupidity of the United States gun laws. John Oliver does a fantastic job of tearing into why some states permit people to shoot people in public when they feel threatened. Gun enthusiast at the top of John Oliver's video reminded me of this scene from Johnny Dangerously.
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Working long hours can lead to death, according to the WHO

Working long hours, as in 55 or more hours per week, isn't just exhausting – it can potentially kill you, according to the World Health Organization and International Labour Organization in a new report. "In 2016, 398, 000 people died from stroke and 347,000 from heart disease as a result of having worked at least 55 hours a week," the report says. — Read the rest
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Once you have pair of locking pliers you'll wonder how you made it this far without them

Knipex makes high-quality tools, and these 10-inch Universal Jaw-Locking Pliers are no exception. If you've never used jaw-locking pliers, they clamp on to things without you having to keep gripping the handles. I've used mine countless times to grip onto stubborn bolts, nuts, and pipes.  — Read the rest
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Watch kayaker rescue a struggling man: "His eyes started closing"

Kayaker Sally Wallick happened to be filming while out paddling on Okanagan Lake, Canada when she came across another kayaker who was struggling. His lips were purple, his eyes were closing, and he was hanging onto his capsized kayak for dear life. — Read the rest
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RoboKiller eliminates 99% of spam phone calls, but that's not why spam callers hate it

One of the few silver linings of America's pandemic era was seeing an overall decline in one of the biggest nuisances of life in our modern age: spam phone calls and texts. In April 2020, Americans were only beset by 3 billion robocalls, a number that sounds huge — and is — but still was the lowest monthly total dating back to 2018. — Read the rest
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LA Times: The janitor who invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos actually didn't

Richard Montañez claims he invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos 30 years ago while he was a janitor at Frito-Lay, eventually rising through the ranks to become a top marketing executive there. He now gets paid between $10k and $50k to give a speech about his story. — Read the rest
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Good deal on 200GB microSD card

I needed a new microSD card. This SanDisk 200GB one is priced right. A microSD card came included with a motion-sensing loudspeaker that I needed to install in a creepy dark spot in my yard, to encourage folks who wander in to hurriedly depart. — Read the rest
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Citizen app's $30k reward strays towards vigilante justice

Fear-mongering Citizen app apparently stepped up from crime pronouncement to vigilantism this weekend when they offered a $30k reward for information about a gentleman they believed to be an arsonist responsible for starting a large fire. It is pretty clear local law enforcement didn't ask for this assistance and that sharing of the photo could easily have endangered the "suspect," or in this case victim, especially as requested in the quote below. — Read the rest
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How to block 6 Tesla chargers with one truck

When the driver of this truck figured out one weird trick to ice six Tesla chargers at once, perhaps they thought they were being clever! But the online ratings for the company that owns the vehicle have dived, a reminder that one tackles the Elon fandom at one's own risk. — Read the rest
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Backyard Scientist makes toys dangerous

Toys today are super boring. We have spoken on this point before. Backyard Scientist decided to make some toys fun. Where fun means dangerous. I love the 13 year old who likes to "play with video games." That is the way. — Read the rest
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Watch: Gold ring/out of gas scammer tries to con someone who knows better

The gold ring/out of gas scam operates all over the world and it goes like this: you are walking down the sidewalk when a luxury car like a BMW pulls over next to you. The driver is a well-dressed gentleman, often with his family in the car. — Read the rest
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This artist repairs damaged sidewalks with beautiful mosaic tiles

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ememem (@ememem.flacking) Ememen is an artist in Lyon, France who has been repairing cracked and potholed sidewalks with colorful tiles since 2016. His Instagram site is a joy to scroll through. He calls his work "flacking," from the French word for puddle, flaque. — Read the rest
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Peckin' Pixels is a fun resource management game about running a chicken farm

In Peckin' Pixels you start out with one chicken, a coop, and $250 to buy corn for the chicken. When she lays eggs, you can sell them to buy more stuff. In no time you will be managing a large flock of chickens, which you can dress in outfits of your liking. — Read the rest
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TV reporter spots missing dog while shooting segment about missing dog

In this video, news reporter Juliana Maza spots a missing dog while reporting on the missing dog in question, a 13-month-old pointer named Titus. Moreover, she collars the dog's alleged thief, who was taking Titus for a walk: "He said that we was supposed to be walking the dog but grabbed the wrong dog." — Read the rest
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Watch: Custom Delorean hovercraft

The first quote in this video about one man's custom Delorean hovercraft is "I spent my life savings on it" and everything proceeds from there like a very expensive fractal. This Back to the Future Delorean DMC-12 Hovercraft may not be a time machine, but it's still awesome. — Read the rest
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Beware of COVID Penis!

In a hysterical installment of A Late Show's regular "The Vax Scene" segment about various enticements local governments and business are offering to those vaccinated, Stephen Colbert (and new research) warn (6:10) that COVID-19 may increase the chances of erectile dysfunction. — Read the rest
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Listen to the Canadian government's official census soundtrack

From Canada: As Canada's statistical portrait, the census is a reflection of who we are and what makes us Canadian. Listen to our Spotify and YouTube playlists while you complete your 2021 Census questionnaire to experience the different facets of Canadian culture through the sounds of our celebrated musical talent. — Read the rest
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83% of Japanese oppose forthcoming summer Olympics

A poll found that 83% of Japanese people did not want the Olympic games to proceed there this summer, with 40% wanting them outright canceled and 43% calling for another postponement. Those figures are up from 35 percent who backed cancellation in a survey by the paper a month ago, and 34 percent who wanted a further delay. — Read the rest
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Four hospitalized after crawfish boil explosion

A gas leak in a propane tank in a shed next to a crawfish boil—what could go wrong? Everything, according to the Scott Fire Department in Louisiana. KATC News reports on an explosion that sent four local residents to hospital. — Read the rest
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Experimental music legend Fred Frith at Maker Music Festival

I hope Boing Boing readers have been exploring the amazing Maker Music Festival this weekend. This virtual festival of maker-musicians, experimental and electronic music is jam-packed with inspired projects and performances. There are 19 "buildings" to explore, each named after a well-known experimental/electronic composer. — Read the rest
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