DVORAK’S PROPHECY on NPR — Are the Arts Still a “Fit Topic” for Historians?

At the conclusion of the National Public Radio feature I’ve produced about “The Fate of Black Classical Music,” Jenn White
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Natalie Butler talks about the development of teaching artists

Natalie Butler, Dean of Learning and Teaching at People’s Music School, shares about the importance of professional development for teaching artists!
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The Man Trying To Fix DC’s Broken Arts Commission

It is one of the country’s leaders in funding — its $38 million is one of the nation’s largest per capita — but it has been mired in controversy. Since 2018, it has weathered a censorship scandal, turf battles with the mayor and a series of short-tenured executive directors. – Washington Post
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“Superstar” Actor Arrested In Connection With Jan. 6 Riot

James Beeks, who performs in Superstar under the stage name James T. Justis, is charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia with obstruction of Congress, a felony, as well as a misdemeanor charge of unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds. – Deadline
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Filter Me This, Batman: Yassify Takes On Famous Images

To “yassify” something is to apply several beauty filters to a picture using FaceApp, an A.I. photo-editing application, until its subject — be that a celebrity, a historical figure, a fictional character or a work of fine art — becomes almost unrecognizably made up. – The New York Times
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US Libraries See Surge In Demands To Ban Books

“Social media is amplifying local challenges and they’re going viral, but we’ve also been observing a number of organisations activating local members to go to school board meetings and challenge books. We’re seeing what appears to be a campaign to remove books.” – The Guardian
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An Artificial Reality Of Self-Improvement?

If computers gave each and every one of us a better way to gauge where to put our resources and energy and everyone of us had a better shot at living longer healthier lives, would that be a positive development? – Cody Pallo
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Rethink: Why Shouldn’t Shelter For Homeless People Be Beautiful?

“Design was often not seen as an important aspect of homeless housing. They were faceless vanilla blocks that looked cheap and made people, by implication, feel that where they were living wasn’t important.” – The New York Times
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A Surge In Ballroom Dance In South America. But…

Latin America’s ballroom scene is relatively new. It started in 2013 when a group of dancers began hosting vogue battles in Brazil, and has since spread to Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina and Colombia. – The New York Times
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Diversifying Your Emotional States

The more finely you can identify different body states—distinguishing, say, among aggravation, irritation, frustration, hostility, anxiety, and disgruntlement—the more you will understand yourself, and the more effectively you will move in the world. – The Atlantic
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Is The Working Class Shut Out Of Today’s Art?

It’s not possible to live authentically as a member of the working class without self-annihilating or folding oneself into the straitjacket of the middle class — either way, the collateral damage is the integrity of one’s art. The Smart Set
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With Big Ceremony, Egypt Reopens Ancient Avenue Of The Sphinxes

The road, also known as Road of the Rams, dates back 3,400 years, Reuters reports. However, it was first discovered in the late 1940s, according to Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. – CNN
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How Music For The Movies Is Evolving

Film music may be a genre, but all that means is music used in a film. Other than that, anything the director will let a composer get away with goes. – Los Angeles Times
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Magnus Carlsen Has Been World Chess Champion Since His Teens. The World Of Chess Has Changed Since Then

Computer-assisted preparation makes it ‘harder and harder’ to demonstrate the superiority of his intuition and strategic thinking in classical games. Players with good memories, decent calculation and solid technique can use the latest AI discoveries to boost their chances against him. – London Review of Books
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These Days You Can Bet On Almost Anything. But Why?

The most straightforward reason for the surge in gambling is a change to the law: In 2018, the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, opening the door to online sports betting across 21 states. As a direct result, sports-betting revenues grew 69 percent. – The Atlantic
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Labor Unrest Grows: Near-IATSE Strike Is Sign Of Things To Come

Union members have grown impatient with worsening working conditions and IATSE’s long tradition of avoiding nationwide walkouts. IATSE members in October overwhelmingly supported a strike authorization vote for the first time in its history. – Los Angeles Times
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Shortened Comic-Con Returns, But Many Dealers Won’t Attend

No matter the time of year, the energy of Comic-Con thrives in Southern California’s comic book stores — spaces deeply entwined within its culture. – Los Angeles Times
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The Brooklyn Museum’s $50-Million Windfall & Its Diversity Deficiency

The Brooklyn Museum, which on Monday announced its landmark gift of a whopping $50 million from the New York
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Executive Director – 4A Arts

Position Summary The Executive Director will support and implement the vision and goals of 4A Arts. This person will be responsible for administration, fundraising, marketing, outreach, and strategic plans for 4A Arts. Responsibilities Include: ● Create and implement a robust business plan which outlines growth targets and strategic priorities and the timelines and strategies to achieve them● Responsible for fundraising and developing earned income (membership) necessary to...
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End Of Times – Identifying The Anthropocene

In the face of such debilitating immensity, we cannot merely shrug and take a selfie. We cannot allow the scale of the crises we are already living through, and of those to come, to trump their urgency. – Boston Review
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Nope: Tolkien Estate Blocks Crypto Coin “JRR Token”

The developer said in response that JRR Token was intended to reference “a unique form of digital currency”, rather than the late fantasy author, and that the fact that the domain name “brings to mind” the name JRR Tolkien is parody rather than bad faith. – The Guardian
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Kafkaesque US Visa System Wreaking Havoc With The Arts

The amount of paperwork required by the USCIS (United States Citizen and Immigration Service), says Nicki Harper, Los Angeles Opera’s director of artistic operations, plus all the other requirements to obtain an artist’s visa can take on Kafkaesque proportions. – San Francisco Classical Voice
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Our Ancient Attraction To Glass

In a world filled with the buff, brown and sand hues of more utilitarian Late Bronze Age materials, glass — saturated with blue, purple, turquoise, yellow, red and white — would have afforded the most striking colors other than gemstones. – Knowable Magazine
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The Spanglification Of Languages

It is becoming clear that the mixed nature of Spanglish represents a general phenomenon. Among people born in and growing up in neighborhoods like Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach — where it’s common to hear Russian and Ukrainian spoken — lots of English words are mixed in. – The New York Times
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How The Temple Dancers Of South India Fought Back Against “Moral Reform”

In the 19th century, prompted by the disapproval of Protestant missionaries who wanted Hindu temple dancing banned, some Tamil reformers campaigned for the performers, called devadāsīs, to become like nuns, as they supposedly were in a purer golden age. Starting in 1911, some devadāsīs argued back. – JSTOR Daily
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The Real Threat To Academic Freedom Isn’t Cancel Culture, It’s This…

With the privatization and commercialization of higher education, universities are run like businesses, in which a degree becomes a product, students become customers, and the world’s most populous country becomes the biggest overseas market. – The Atlantic
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This Virtuoso Horn Player Works The Valves With His Left Foot

Felix Klieser, 30, was born without arms. Even so, he graduated from a German conservatory and made a recording at age 22 that won him an ECHO Klassik prize. His fifth CD came out in March, and he’s currently the Bournemouth Symphony’s artist in residence. – BBC Music Magazine
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Assistant Professor/Associate Professor of Theatre

The Theatre Program of Columbia University School of the Arts invites applications for a scholar to be hired at the rank of tenure-track assistant/associate or tenured associate professor effective July 1, 2022. The successful candidate will play a key cross-disciplinary role in a complex and multi-faceted MFA program with concentrations in Acting, Directing, Dramaturgy, Playwriting, Theatre Management and Producing, and Stage Management. The Program aims to attract dynamic and dedicated teacher...
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ABT Taps Beyonce Entertainment Exec As Its Next Executive Director

Janet Rollé, general manager of Parkwood Entertainment, Beyoncé’s media and management company, will in January assume the role of chief executive and executive director of Ballet Theater, one of the nation’s most prestigious ballet companies. – The New York Times
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School Protests From A Century Ago Set The Tone For Today’s Controversies

Telling parents you don’t want their kids to have the best possible public schools is never good politics. A full century ago, the most effective school-ban campaign in American history set the pattern: noise, fury, rancor, and fear, but not much change in what schools actually teach. – The Atlantic
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