Photo Series: Cruise Highlights From Around the World

Some may find it odd or unlikely that I enjoy cruises, but I really do. An ocean cruise was one of my first trips as a young adult and while my style of travel has changed since then, my love of the open water has not. In preparing this post though I shocked myself by just how many I’ve taken over the years including everything from large mega-ships to small expeditionary vessels and many river cruises thrown in for good measure. I thought that given the wide variety of experiences available on ...
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Travel News: February 23, 2018

Airbnb introduces deluxe products, expanded listings and loyalty program Travel Weekly Ten years after it launched, Airbnb on Thursday announced new property categories, properties with higher vetting standards, a luxury vacation division and a loyalty program. During the past decade, the Airbnb platform has grown to have 4.5 million properties listed. With all that inventory, CEO Brian Chesky said that he believes Airbnb has “something for everyone. It’s just been really, really hard to find.”...
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Travel News: February 22, 2018

Carnival to review security response to brawls on Australia-based ship USA TODAY Cruise giant Carnival is promising an investigation into its handling of a series of brawls that broke out last week on a ship based in Australia. Video of the incidents aboard the Carnival Legend posted online include a scene where Carnival security guards violently kick passengers who are down on the ground. “The actions seen on the video by our security team are not in line with our values and policies,” the Mia...
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Walking Along the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

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Buggy Tour in Iceland – My “Amazing Race” Inspired Off-Road Adventure

There was a time, in the not so distant past, when I labeled myself as an adventure traveler. While I still do enjoy some adventure experiences, many of them I just don’t like. For some reason though, in Iceland things are different; I change. I revert to my old adventure traveling ways and embrace the moment, always happy for the experience. One of the most thrilling adventure travel experiences I enjoyed on my most recent visit to Iceland was a last minute addition, but one I’m thankful I tri...
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Travel News: February 21, 2018

Cunard Chooses Melbourne as Main Australian Homeport Cunard has chosen Melbourne over Sydney as its main homeport when based in Australia for the 2019-20 summer. The Queen Elizabeth will spend a record 101 days down under, operating six roundtrip cruises from Melbourne and two from Sydney. Itineraries will include South Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea between December 2019 and March 2020. The new 2020 Australian deployment will be almost double the leng...
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Animals of the Great Migration in Tanzania

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6 Favorite Immersive Food Experiences in Italy

There are few places in the word as famous for its food than Italy. There’s just something special about traditional Italian cuisine that sets it apart from most of its neighbors. I’ve never seen a Swiss restaurant near where I live, but there are plenty of Italian bistros and there’s a reason for that. Italian food speaks to our souls in a way few other cuisines manage, so whenever I visit Italy food is of course an important part of the experience. I’ve enjoyed many great meals and food exper...
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Colorful Afternoon in Barcelona

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Travel News: February 20, 2018

Norwegian Cruise Line adds more voyages to Cuba USA Today Norwegian Cruise Line is touting new seven-night Caribbean cruises that include a call in Havana, Cuba — a first for the line. Until now, the Miami-based company’s only voyages with Havana on the schedule have been short trips lasting four nights. Norwegian also plans new nine- and 13-night sailings that feature a call at Havana.   Universal Orlando Raises Ticket Prices Travel Weekly Just days after the Walt Disney World Resort revealed ...
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An Open Thank You Note – Dealing With Life Changes

A couple of weeks ago I lost one of my best friends and furry little kid, Cody. Owning three older dogs, the inevitable was always lurking out there, but having to go through losing one has been so much harder than I ever imagined. For 14 years he was one of my constant companions, as kind a soul as will ever be under this sun. Since then, the outpouring of support from friends, family and even total strangers has been overwhelming and for that, I am deeply grateful. Cody was diagnosed with can...
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Travel News: February 19, 2018

Toy Story Land opening June 30 Travel Weekly Toy Story Land, a highly anticipated attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, now has an opening date. It will open June 30. “Hollywood Studios is certainly in the middle of an amazing transformation, and clearly Toy Story is right at the front of that,” said Phil Holmes, vice president of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, during a media event here highlighting the new area. Toy Story Land is one of a number of new features in the works for Dis...
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Quiet Village Church in Switzerland

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Travel News: February 16, 2018

Luxury hotels are giving free weddings to couples named Meghan and Harry Business Insider If you and your partner have the names Meghan and Harry, chances are you’ve already received a bit of slack from your pals – but it could be about to pay off. The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane has revealed a package for one lucky couple called Meghan and Harry. If your names happen to match those of the royals and you are engaged also, you could win their five-star luxury wedding service package – comple...
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Icelandair: Comparing Economy Comfort & Saga Class Cabins

With Iceland’s global popularity skyrocketing, so too are the air options for tourists curious to visit the Land of Ice and Fire. With several airlines now competing for customers, the details and nuances of the flight experience have never been more important. On my most recent trip to Iceland, I flew with Icelandair, my third time on one of their 757s. Icelandair in particular has risen to the challenge of increased demand and seems to announce a new US destination city every other week. Alth...
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Famous Hairpin Turn in Monte Carlo

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Travel News: February 15, 2018

The Arctic Circle is getting a hotel that produces more energy than it uses Lonely Planet Travel News With the Arctic Circle opening up more and more to tourism, maintaining the delicate eco-system is a concern for sustainable travellers. Now a concept for an “energy positive” hotel may help that. The Svart hotel uses 85% less energy compared to a standard, modern hotel but with the help of its own solar power, will actually produce more energy than it uses. This point is key to building the ho...
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Elephant Nature Park in Thailand: Voluntourism at Its Best

It’s easy to admonish digital travel content as too vapid or insincere and, honestly, a lot of it deserves those criticisms. But to brush an entire medium with one broad stroke is irresponsible, and there are many bloggers out there creating some wonderful stories and sharing information that needs to see the light of day. One of those stories is about a special reserve in Northern Thailand. I first learned of it a few years ago when another blogger was working there. Ever since I’ve been obses...
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Travel News: February 14, 2018

Maldives tries to fight off travel alerts as tourists stay away Reuters Tourists have been cancelling hundreds of hotel bookings in Maldives every day since the imposition of a state of emergency last week, tour operators say, despite government assurances things are normal in the resort islands, far from the capital. China, India, the United States and Britain issued travel warnings after President Abdulla Yameen imposed the emergency and arrested judges who had ordered him to free jailed oppo...
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Sunrise in Rural Iceland

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Visiting Nice, France On A Cruise – Is a Day Trip Worth The Effort?

In 2017, I had the unique opportunity to sail the Mediterranean not once, but twice, with two very different companies. What I would call upwardly mobile cruise lines, both Azamara and Viking have a lot to offer curious cruisers. Both feature small-ship cruising and both place the destinations and shore side experiences at the forefront. I also like both, although for very different reasons but I’m not writing about them today, not really. No, instead I’m writing about an excursion I took with ...
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Travel News: February 13, 2018

Eurostar to add London to Amsterdam rail service USA Today Eurostar, the high-speed rail service of the United Kingdom, will launch new London to Amsterdam service on April 4. Passengers will be able to travel from St. Pancras station in London direct to the Netherlands in three hours. Tickets will go on sale on Feb. 20 for $47 one way. Initially, passengers will travel direct from London to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. On the return journey, they will connect through Brussels, where passport contr...
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Colorful Harbor of Saint Tropez, France

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Lava and Ice: Two Very Different Cave Experiences in Iceland

Iceland fulfills most of the promises it makes to visitors. Called the Land of Fire and Ice, you can find both in ample quantities almost any time of year. It’s also known for a sort of rugged beauty that’s hard to find anywhere else in the world, which is probably why I’ve been back so many times. Additionally, Iceland is a country that offers tourists any number of fun and adventurous activities, no matter your skill level or even interest. From trekking out to the Westman Islands to boating ...
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Travel News: February 12, 2018

Disney unveils more details about Star Wars resort Travel Weekly At its D23 Expo in Japan on Sunday, Disney gave fans more clues as about what they can expect from the forthcoming Star Wars-inspired resort as well as details about several new attractions. While Disney didn’t reveal all that much about the Star Wars resort coming to Orlando, it did say that it will be “seamlessly connected” to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the Star Wars land slated to open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios next year. Di...
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Bustling Campo de’ Fiori in Rome, Italy

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Traveling Foodie: My 12 Favorite Experiences From the Last 12 Months

Food has become an increasingly important aspect of the travel experience for me, as I think it has for most people. Not only is the modern traveler more educated when it comes to all things delicious, but even the smallest of cities around the world are undergoing what I call a foodie renaissance spurred on by young and energetic chefs. The result is a travel landscape where food and drink play a starring role, so it’s weird that I haven’t written about food lately as much as I normally do. Pu...
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Travel News: February 9, 2018

Bermuda becomes first country in world to repeal same-sex marriage The Guardian Bermuda has become the first country to legalise and then repeal same-sex marriage, in what critics have called an unprecedented rollback of civil rights by the British island territory. Bermuda’s governor has signed into law a bill reversing the right of gay couples to marry, despite a supreme court ruling last year authorising same-sex marriage. Walton Brown, the minister of home affairs, said the legislation sig...
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Sandhotel – My New Favorite Retreat in Reykjavik, Iceland

I have a mixed record when it comes to finding great hotels in Reykjavik. Part of it is my fault; I haven’t always made the right decisions. Part of the blame though also rests with Reykjavik itself. Until the last few years, the demand for great luxury hotels simply wasn’t there, but that is all changing. New, boutique hotels are starting to open, offering discerning guests something different away from apartment rentals and the omnipresent CenterHotel chain. One of these great properties is t...
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Do You Know the Way to Saint-Tropez…?

First of all, let me apologize for the title of this post, but I couldn’t resist no matter how corny it may be. The fact is though that my visit to one of France’s swankiest coastal communities, Saint-Tropez, was anything but corny. No, it was one of many highlights while sailing the Mediterranean with Viking Ocean Cruises but I’m willing to bet that my experience in this small town was far different than most visitors. Traveling to the south of France in December is not like visiting in the su...
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